Join the Session

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom Client installed. You need to have account.
  2. The password for the conference sessions via Zoom will be updated to the participants’ conference program page.
  3. Join the Session from the Program for Participants.

Instructions for Session Chairs

General Responsibility of a Session Chair:
  1. Before the Session: Watch the full videos of the presentations and study the presentations material. Prepare questions to ask during the Q&A part of each presentation.
  2. 10 minutes before the Session: Be sure to be on time! The host will start the designated Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the Session. Make sure that every Presenter is present. Agree with the Presenters how they will be introduced. 
  3. 1 minute before the Session: Introduce the session.
  4. Beginning of each presentation: Introduce the Presenter. The Presenter will give 4-5 minutes recap
  5. Q&A part: Take chat questions from Q&A the participants of the Zoom meeting: Unmute the participant and mute after the question has been answered. Read the questions from the Session’s Slack channel to the presenting author.
  6. Finally: Conclude the session and check the attendance and report if someone was missing.
  7. Make sure the time is not violated!
The Session will be arranged as Zoom meetings

Install Zoom Client from:

See ICWE 2020 Zoom Policy and read about security here.

Q&A Part of the Presentations

A live Q&A Session will follow each talk (except for tutorials), moderated by the Session Chair:

  1. Participants will be muted and they will use Zoom’s raise hand feature. The Session Chair will then select and unmute the person willing to ask a question.
  2. Questions can also be asked via each session’s Slack Channel. The Session Chair will select and ask the questions during the Q&A session. We understand that there maybe not time to ask all the questions. The Chair will make sure to ask complementary questions and hopefully according to the time they were first submitted.
  3. The Chair will have the ability to unmute participants if this is needed to elaborate on their questions (please note that due to the limited Q&A duration, participants may want to discuss with the author(s) off-line).
  4. The Session’s Slack channel is available for further discussions after each Q&A Session during the whole conference and even after.